25/09/2016 – Prison Rebellion in the U.S. (Prison Strike Part 2)


This is the 2nd part of our show from last week, a radio show about the prison strike in the so called united states. It includes many updates from the prisons, reports on direct actions, opinions about „prison abolition“, numbers about the prison industrial complex and music.

Since September 9th, about 50.000 prisoners and 50 prisons were affected by the prison strike. Many prisons were locked down and a huge number of prisoners were transfered to other prisons.

The modern slaveholder is called the state

If we look back we can see that the abolition of slavery was leeding to “slaves of the state”. 1871, 6 years after slavery was abolished, the Virginia Supreme Court declared that prisoners were exactly that, “slaves of the state”. Modern slavery, in paticular prison slavery in the u.s., remained the same explotiation with mass incarceration and forced labor. All that has changed since then is that the state is less honest about its slave holding practices.

International call for a solidarity campaign for the struggle of us prisoners on 1 October

Neighter prison slavery nor wage slavery!



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