„ABSOLUTE ROCK – The Classic Rock Hour “ Nr. 665 – DEEP PURPLE: Turing To Crime (2021) with Ian Gillan


Deep Purple brand new album “Turning To Crime” (release date 26 th of November is quite unique in the band´s history. The 22nd album of the band contains only cover songs, which in a way is a crime ;). Therefore the album title.

I had the great pleasure to talk to Ian Gillan about the new album, and together with the legendary vocalist I´ll present the album, which was produced again by Bob Ezrin.  

The choice of songs is very interesting one. You´ll find tracks on it originally released amongst others by Cream, Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, Lonnie Donegan, Bob Seger and Mitch Ryder. And they have been – as Ian Gillan put it – purpelized.

In my opinion the new album is a very enjoyable experience and highly recommendable.

So we let it rock and rock on! 




Absolute Rock – The Classic Rock Hour

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