Beeps, Bleeps and Elevators


Beeps, Bleeps and Elevators
Technology accompanies us every day and with it all the different sounds associated with its different products. Audible traffic lights, mobile phones, elevator music or the music playing while waiting in queue with a call center – they annoy us, we ignore them but do we even think where they come from? What’s their story and does this story have a sequel?  Time to embark on a journey around the world through iconic ringtones, elevator music and songs created by artificial intelligence.
As always, here’s some  Additional material:

Major Vs Minor – Oleg’s and Diana’s project on youtube

Major Vs Minor on Bandcamp

The official website of the Open AI Jukebox project

The familiar Sydney sound spliced into Billie Eilish’s Bad Guy – The Guardian

Sublime design: the PB/5 pedestrian button | UNSW Newsroom

What Are Dirty Loops Doing to ‘Over the Horizon’? – Samsung Global Newsroom

Traendy, Haendi, yo!. Music theatre project with Viennese children, in collaboration with Xenia Hu

Sound Art – Focus and Hear the Arts | Widewalls

Cell Phone Ringtone History: A Polyphonic Wave of Success – Tedium

The episode of the “For Keeps” Podcast where Mark Davis, the Kmart tapes collector, is interviewed

The Kmart tapes collection on the Internet Archive

“Attention Kmart Choppers”, the mixtape by Juicy The Emissary on Bandcamp

What Happened to Vaporwave? – Esquire 


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