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Vampyres offer heavy & dark psych rock for the children of the night. The sound of the group produces a hypnotic trip taking the audience on an uninterrupted journey through the whole set. The band’s debut LP „OUT OF THE CRYPT” was released on StoneFree Record in 2019. After four years and two singles they return coming Halloween with a brand new full length called „IN THE NIGHT“, which will take you to space and mind, caves and time. ## ## Coltaine Formed by the Berg brothers, Moe and Benedikt, in 2014, Coltaine emerged in the Black Forest of southern Germany. Channeling their emotions into a unique sound, their music blends 70’s rock, black metal, and ethereal melodies with powerful rock and metal arrangements. Fronted by the versatile singer, Jules, their atmospheric sound spans from soulful harmonies to the darkest growls. With Amin’s relentless drumming, Coltaine’s lineup promises an exciting future. ##


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