4. Dead Air with a Viennese Orange Twist


Dead Air promises to ease you into the new year with a jamboree of high-grade class A music, advice and celebrity gossip. Following the significant backlash from last month’s Corona Cookery Tips, The Parisian Listener treats us to a January celery detox cure for melancholy. Celebrity Hairdresser Leanne reveals exclusive details about her new Zoom match-making service Wee Leanne’s Lovers or Leanne’s Lonely Wee Hearts (patent pending), while Agony Aunt Dr Lulu shares her advice with a young man tied up with an unlucky girl (you do know that men have feelings too). And if that soundscape of genius isn’t enough, then stick around for Stevie Catagher’s Diary of a Catfluencer where he reveals details of his controversial new book #catstoo.

‘Dead Air pulled the scales from my eyes, the wax from my ears, the collagen from my bones.’   Tammy Complot, Breitbart News. 

‘If you’re looking for wit, intelligent commentary and stimulating debate – listen to something else.’  François Fecker, Le Monde  



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