Gender and feminism in contemporary music – special edition for IWD 2021


This is a special edition of Radio Schallfeld dedicated to International Women’s Day (8th March). Gender and euqality in contemporary music is a hot topic, and there is still a lot to do! We feature music by powerful composers that we recently recorded as part of the project „On The Fragility of Sounds“ (PEEK Project run by Pia Palme, funded by Austrian Science Fund FWF). The project centers around possibilites of feminist composing practices. Then we present GRINM, an activist initiative and platform promoting gender relations in new music. They do workshops and presentations, and conduct surveys on equality in contemporary music festivals. Also we want to feature IMA, the Institute for Media Archaeology, that promotes the work of women in electronic music and media art, producing a really cool series of documentaries (IMAfiction) you should definitely check out! And we encourage you all to take some little initiative daily to work towards a more fair, balanced and open music scene.

Music by: Elisabeth Schimana and Elaine Mitchener


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