LGBTQI+ Refugees need urgent protection @ Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya



„All we need is to leave this place“

Researcher and artist Kamran Behrouz and Romina Achatz are in a long live conversation with LGBTQI+ refugees in the Kakuma Camp in Kenya. The life of 300 People who are outet LGBTQI+ is currently and since many years in danger.  In one of the biggest refugee camps (up to 500 000 people) the community is under attack by homophobes. They say that the UNHCR does not provide a safe space for them there and therefore puts many lives in danger. Just 2 days ago an other house of the community member got burned. You can see images of the attacks in the video down below. Suicide for many seems to be the only solution. From the side of the police, who of course is on the side of the State, to teargas the victims was many times their answer for their call for safety. In Kenya, LGBTQI+ community is not protected by law- and can get arrested up to 14 years of prison. Politics is often a matter of visibility. We want to put their names and stories out. Everyone who is listening- please help us raise awareness to this violence.


Here is the videomaterial:

Jingle- Voice by multi- media artist Raphaela Salhofer


Fem Poem

Zur Sendereihe Station

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