New Music In The Making – Part I


In March 2021 Schallfeld has been invited to hold a workshop for a group of students in the class of Carola Bauckholt at Bruckneruniversität LInz. For several days we have been intensely and joyfully working with young composers to create and record new pieces. The first part of the results can be listened here! You will hear an astonishing variety in styles, personal expressions and ideas, presented by the composers themselves.

With music and statements from and about:

Asmus Persson Ödegaard – Möörungen

Jorge Villoslada Dura – Macondo

Batya Frenklakh – Without Exemptions

Maria Perez Diez – Tangible Absence

Alireza Shahabomolkfard – Shassusa

Music played by Ensemble Schallfeld.


Radio Schallfeld

Zur Sendereihe Station

Radio Helsinki

Zur Station
Thema:Musik allgemein Radiomacher_in:Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka
Sprache: Englisch

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