Turtle Island 24/23


Tunes From Turtle Island_2024.23
3rd June – 9th June

Hip Hop, Indie, Country, Folk, Pop, Rap, Metal, Techno, and Reggae from member of the Ojibwe, Cree, Innu, Navajo, Nisenan, Washoe, and Mayan nations,

A.B.O. – Summer Time Crusin‘
Dump Babes – Citronette
Trent Agecoutay – Pot of Gold
Napess – Nuitsheuakana
Angèle Mckenzie – Shash Papinu e Kuspinanut_
Angus Vincent – Fire That Burned
Twin City Tone & Quincy Young – From Heaven
Burnstick – Ebb And Flow
Nige B (feat. Awon, Dubbygotbars, Artifice The Visionary) – Outer Space Remix
Narbona – The Observer
Darksiderz & ATHRS & Kreation – Wake Up
Jimmy Lee Young – She Wolf
Amanda Gendron – Light
B-Side Players – Weapons Of Love

More info at https://artist.link/tunesfromturtleisland


Tunes From Turtle Island

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