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By the end of last show we were wondering where the journey will take us next but nobody has expected that in its course we will see a lot of Scandinavia, the US and even a glimpse of Russia and on top of that will manage to switch languages in between. But fear not, this will not be yet another journey through the real world. This time, we will venture into some fictional and fantastic universes.
We all know that books and films have been inspiring musicians for a very long time but some of the surprises that we will stumble upon today maybe something new even for the seasoned observers of popular culture. Have you perhaps heard of wizard rock, for example? And what do metal, retro computer games and ancient Internet protocols have in common? All of that and more in today’s experimental, English language edition of “Der Quellcode” or shall we call it “The Source Code” from now on?
In this episode:
–          How would Harry Potter characters sound like if they were given a chance to sing their stories?
–           What happens if you haven’t seen that latest movie but read all of the spoilers others have been posting and decided to record a song about it anyway?
–           How come free music has become a perk at a cyber security job?
–           Was Peter Jackson’s the first ever interpretation of Tolkien’s trilogy into moving picture?
As always, after listening, it’s good to do some reading – Harry and the Potters would agree, don’t you think?
Wizard Rock – How it all began
A thorough resource on Wizard Rock
A Reddit discussion on Lord of The Rings inspirations in Blind Guardian’s songs
Some more reviews of music inspired by Tolkien’s books
A fan website of the Tolkien Ensemble in English and German
The Guardian article on the Soviet Lord of The Rings movie
An article on the “Friends” theme song in minor
The mysterious website of Master Boot Record
“So I stand still in front of the crowd
Excited faces, what will be next?
I still don’t have a clue”


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