Civilmedia09, Day 3: Internet as a space for youngsters‘ activity in Russia (Maria Anikina)


Inclusion of technical innovations into information and communication activity leads to the formation of active group of youngsters in modern Russia. In the first place it reflects on media use. Research data demonstrate the adherence to traditions – television is still the most popular source of information, it was mentioned by 49 % of respondents. But at the same time the figures are symptomatic and expressive – today the Internet as the source has almost the same rate of popularity – 48 %. Taking into consideration the scope of computer technologies‘ penetration, the growth of their popularity among users and the high level of adaptability of new generation to technological innovations it is worthy to assume that young people in near future could form active social groups and communities and realize social activity using the possibility of Internet sphere. The shift in this direction has place but it is slowed down by several factors.



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Thema:Medienpolitik Radiomacher_in:David Röthler, Eva Schmidhuber, Marcus Diess
Sprache: Englisch

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