15/08/2021 – Kesha Niya – No Border No Problem


This episode is fully recorded in english.

This episode is recorded by friends from the anarchist collective Kesha Niya and edited by Anarchistisches Radio Wien.

Kesha Niya (Sorani Kurdish for ‘No Problem’) is a grassroots volunteer-run project and collective. Kesha Niya works in solidarity with people on the move to and within Europe and are currently active at the Italian-French border. Living in the mountainside under olive trees surrounded by mosquitos, Kesha Niya works in the contrasting border area around Ventimiglia.

Tabya and Dima took some time to talk about the border situation, the area, the collective and their experiences.

More information on the collective, ways to show solidarity and how to join them on https://keshaniya.org/

No Border – No Problem

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