art & science: #5


Besides the Ars Electronica Futurelab, ESO and CERN, also seven European cultural partners are consisting a big manifold called „European Digital Art and Science Network“. These are: GV Art from United Kingdom, Center for the promotion of science from Serbia, Science Gallery from Ireland, Kapelica Gallery from Slovenia, DIG Gallery from Slovakia, Zaragoza City of Knowledge Foundation and LABoral, both from Spain. Mentioned partners are representing diverse European cultural- and artistic positions. At the network meeting at this year´s Ars Electronica Festival they gave a short descriptions of their work, and future plans within the art & science network. With some of them we recorded as well an interview.

Robert Devčić, founder and director of the GV Art, spoke in the behalf of this UK’s leading contemporary art gallery, which aims to explore and acknowledge the inter-relationship between art and science. Lale Eric Dobrivoje from the Serbian Centre for the promotion of science explained Center´s role in the European Digital Art and Science. The center is only few years old but it´s already actively engaged in bringing science community closer to a larger public, also international. Among others, we interviewed Ian Brunswick, programme manager of the Science Gallery (Dublin, Ireland). He explained the aim of the art & science network. Jurij Krpan from the Kapelica Gallery (Ljubljana, Slovenia) as well shared some thoughts about art & science collaboration and its aim. Richard Kitta, artistic director of DIG Gallery from Slovakia, presented works, which are exhibited in DIG Gallery, and discussed their position in the network. Zaragoza City of Knowledge Foundation is an independent public-private organization, its director José Carlos Arnal described their projects at the network meeting. For the end, Lucía García Rodríguez, Managing Director of LABoral, concluded the meeting by explaining LABoral´s role, and plans for the future collaborations in the „European Digital Art and Science Network“.



The series of five art & science radio broadcasts are supported by Ars Electronica, and produced with the intention to follow the European Digital Art and Science Network.

Microphone: Sarah Praschak and Jerneja Zavec


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