Denice Bourbon – a Queer Femme in Action! Diagonale 2014

23.03.2014 Cheers! Stories of a Fabulous Queer Femme in Action.

She is a burlesque performer, she is an author, she is a singer, she is a columnist, she is a DJ, and most of all she is a Queer Femme!

Denice Bourbon is aware of the constantly changing appearance of identity and sexuality. At Diagonale she appears as a performer in den Film „Hiding in the Lights“ by Katrina Daschner as well as a live performer and DJane at the nightline „Shake your Glory“, all on Thursday 20th of March. We´ll talk about her appearing at the Diagonale and about her professional Actions: Burlesque Brutal – her performance collecitve Club Quote – her DJ collective Cheers – her autobiographical book Lesbennest – her column in the magazine „an.schläge“ A show by Anita Inzinger and Jette Musger.

60 minutes of…

Zur Sendereihe Station

Radio Helsinki

Zur Station
Thema:Gesellschaftspolitik Radiomacher_in:Anita Inzinger, Jette Musger
Sprache: Deutsch

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