14. Don’t You Forget about the 80’s


It all started with Simple Minds, logically, but it did take a turn of its own, through Cyndi Lauper’s different hair colors, not only because it’s whimsical and fun, but also because it’s as free of judgement as it gets. Somehow, I can feel the hope building up to the end of the 80’s, like the artist of the day was bold enough to dare to shine through. Funny how this time thing works: back when I was an angry kid, I used to „hate“ anything that came after 1971 or something; now that I’m „grown“, I can honestly say I find an almost guilty pleasure in anything that’s as melodious and harmonic and beautiful as this.

There’s plenty to choose from the decade, these are but a few of the thoughts that pass through this head when I try to picture the early MTV days and stories about the depraved west in deprived news. Whitney Houston’s haunting voice was powerful enough to break the iron curtain, as was Phil Collins‘ „I don’t Care“ attitude, that kind of thing is always „transmitted“.


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