Now its dark Nov 23 5 set 2


BRIGHT LIGHT BRIGHT LIGHT“Moves“(LP/“Make Me Believe in Hope“/2012)
HYSTERIC HELEN „The Junkie Family“(2023)
GIRLS ON TOP“I Wanna Dance With Numbers“(LP/“Greatest Hits“/2001)
SCOTCH“Disco Band“(12″/Long Vocal/1984/ZYX)
NINA KRAVIZ“Working“(2xLP/2012/Rekids)
GLORIA GAYNOR“Love Is Just A Heartbeat Away“(Glenn Rivera Restructure Mix)
INNERVISION Presents AT JAZZ“For Real“(12″/Remix/2006)
THELMA HOUSTON“Guess It Must Be Love“(Extended Remix)
PATRICIA KAAS“Reste Sur Moi“(12″/Blue Velvet Mix/1993)
BLUE MAGIC“Look Me Up“(12“-Extended Remix)
ANNE MARIE B.“Frere Jacques“(7″/1977)
PORTABLE PATROL“Cup Bop“(12″/Disco Mix/1982)
FABRICE LIG“Meet U In Brooklyn“(3xEP/VA/“Famous When Dead Vol. IV“/2005/Playhouse)


Now it’s dark

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