Oh my god – and Corona!


Before we met Corona – we knew and met refugees. Excuse me – we or some of our beloved ones have also experienced being a refugee or a migrant. Covid-19 is forcing us, it is forcing the entire world – we are somehow afraid of having contact with friends and people – pardon – we were afraid to be in touch with refugees too. Today even more than then. I begin to explore it again. When it comes to lock-down – we are thinking of having everything at home: a warm home connected with a fast and stable internet. In some points trying to live alone in a big flat and etc. But, do we even think about refugees? Do we know how they live? With how many people they have to share a room and which kind of possibilities they have? If not, please hear it in this show by Ramin Siawash.


Post-Normal – Wie wir uns die Zukunft denken

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