Radio Netwatcher vom 13.7.2012 – Projekt Dada ACTA – Netzkunst gegen das Antipiraterieabkommen Teil 2 (Musik gegen ACTA)


Radio Netwatcher vom 13.7.2012 – Projekt Dada ACTA – Netzkunst gegen das Antipiraterieabkommen Teil 2 (Musik gegen ACTA)

featuring Members of european Parliament (Eva Lichtenberger, Piraten, EVP, Jörg Leichtfeld, Martin Ehrenhauser, ua.)

Sendeverantwortung: Manfred Krejcik



“DADA-ACTA” project is the spontaneous response of a community of Slovak and Czech artists to the February 2012 renewed attempts to implement ACTA agreement. It is a response to its vagueness, narrow-mindedness and secrecy camouflaged in the form of an economic treaty meant to fight against trademark counterfeiting. The project initially started as a musical compilation, which was later joined by visual and text artists. To the open call of the organizers responded artists that for one reason or another don’t agree with ACTA, and most of them wrote a statement to explain their own position. The result of the project is: a 4 volumes musical compilation, released under Creative Commons license Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike CC BY-NC-SA [n.b. Slovakia is one of the few European countries that still doesn’t acknowledge CC]; a website containing all artworks/links to artworks, plus artists’ statements and bios [when provided].
The same way according to ACTA we are all criminals unless proven otherwise [at the expense of our privacy and knowledge], we challenge ACTA to prove its intentions are honest and civilian oriented, and till not proven we will continue to consider it a threat to freedom of speech and of knowledge. That is why this project will continue to exist and to fight for digital rights and fair approaches to authorship rights till, hopefully, our governments will learn to listen to their citizens and not to their foreign business partners.

Michal Šuranský, Amalia Roxana Filip
Brno, Bratislava, 2012

Special thanks: Jozef Tušan, Matěj Schneider, Jonáš Kucharský, Samuel Szabó, Barbora Šedivá, Karel Veselý, Juraj Ďurček, Drakh, pstmn, Kid B and all participants. And very special thanks to our life-support server Sanchez

We would be glad if you contact us in any cases of questions, misunderstandings, proposals of cooperation or participation in the project:
Michal Šuranský [coordinator of the audio section; music compilation] –
Amalia Roxana Filip [coordinator of the visual section; graphics&web] –


Dj Hamborgarafabrikkan – Beacta
Dead Janitor – Brown
No Pavarotti – Oh No (Dirty Diana)
Bios – Thru
Dominik Suchý – Severn
Avoided – I Accidentally The Whole Acta
Ega – Ad Astra
Tatratank – Obscurant
Strangelet – Acta Remix
0n0 – How
Katsa.Theo – Ok.Mr.Nature
Spectral Index – Simulacrum
Selectone – The Wall Of Darkness
Turbosampler – Fuck Acta (Live At Subteren)

Tachykardia, Veronika Husárová, Drakh – Podmienok Origináli V A
Kyl The Sistem – Vesmír Ťa Nechce (Live)

special thanx:
Y-Titty: ACTA – Der Film


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