Rumble Radioshow 23.10.2023


LORD DIABOLIK – Plus Cool Que Toi (Wild Cave LP)

SELLWOODS – Tear Me Down (Outro 7″)

MULLENS – When You Cry (Get Hip LP)

MAHARAJAS – (Let’s) Play House (Rogue 7″)

CRAWLIES – Ain’t No Time (Wild Cave 7″)

MOURNING AFTER – On My Mind (Detour LP)

MUTAGÉNICOS – Jacinto (Dirty Water LP)

ANTISOCIAL SPAGUETTI CLUB – Fu-Manchú Y El Asesino Yakuza (Clifford Digital)

CAPELLAS – Who’s Been Walking (On My Floor) (Sweet Grooves 7″)

JETSTREAM PONY – Sixes And Sevens (Spinout Nuggets 7″)

CINDY LAWSON – Don’t Come Crying To Me (Rum Bar Digital)

LET’S GO’S – Girl’s Rock (Soundflat LP)

VELVET TWO STRIPES – The One (No Label Digital)

SMITT E. SMITTY & THE FEZTONES – The Growler (Code 2013 Digital)

SMOGGERS – Please, Never Change (Rogue 7″)

STREETWALKIN‘ CHEETAHS – Rumblin‘ Train (Rum Bar CD)

BATTLEBEATS – Pull It Off (Chickpea 7″)

FOREIGN FILMS – Cosmic Lover (Kool Kat CD)



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