Soliloquy – music for instrument(s) alone


While playing as soloist for musicians often is considered a career goal, it has become a dull necessity during pandemic times. Instead of adding to the many lockdown streams, we offer you one hour of radio listening experience with some of our favourite music for for solo instruments, recorded and performed by members of Schallfeld. Many pieces have been written, performed and elaborated with and for them in contact with the composers over the last years. Each of them offers a deep dive into the soundworld of an instrument, featuring a range of different characters, styles and sounds.

You listen music by (title / composer / performer):

„sssssh“ – Zesses Seglias  / Maria Flavia Cerrato

„medusa mi amor“ – Denovaire / Elisa Azzará

„invisibility“ – Liza Lim / Myriam Garcia Fidalgo

„recoil / rebound“ – Diego Jimenez Tamame / Manuel Alcaraz Clemente

„depth“ – Dario Cebic / Matej Bunderla


Radio Schallfeld

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Radio Helsinki

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Thema:Musik allgemein Radiomacher_in:Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka
Sprache: Englisch

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