the architecture of music


Music and architecture have a lot in common: since the ancient times, philosophers, composers and mathematicians have been weaving common threads between the two disciplines. Proportions, rhythms and the work with space shape both musical composition as well as well-made buildings. Today, we listen into this relation with a contemporary ear: Klaus Lang’s work are a fascinating mirror of the beauty of ancient proportional methods, and the young composer Sara Caneva created a piece around the old cathedral in Graz. Belgian composer frederick Neyrinck deals with spatial sounds and contructions, and finally we may not miss out Alvin Lucier’s work – as there is still lockdown here in Austria, and we are all sitting in rooms……


Sara Caneva – idoli et incubi

Klaus Lang – Origami

Frederick Neyrinck – Landscape Construction

Alvin Lucier – I am sitting in a room (excerpt)


concept and moderation: Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka


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