The Chester Bennington Tribute Show


The July of 2017 brought, among other things, the sad tidings of the death of Chester Bennington, the long-time frontman of the band Linkin Park. The news, tragic for both fans and those who knew the artist well such as his family and musician friends, has for a brief period of time brought back the topic of the importance of mental health to the mainstream media and online communities. Soon after, an online movement under the hashtag „#MakeChesterProud“ has started where fans showcased various ways in which Chester and his music inspired their lives.
To mark the fourth anniversary of Chester Bennington’s death, I have decided to host an episode of the Quellcode which is entirely dedicated to the music Chester made together with his colleagues from Linkin Park. As it turns out, in contrast to other projects the singer was involved with, Linkin Park’s music is a treasure trove of samples, remixes and in some cases, covers.
Let’s find out what sounds are hidden within their songs and how other artists sound performing their music.
There is only one link for today but for that, a long one to read – a discussion on one of Linkin Park fan forums where all of the songs are described in terms of sound effects used. Enjoy the read!


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