The Elvis Presley Conspiracy – A Keep On Rockin´ Special by and with Otto Fuchs


The Elvis Presley Conspiracy – A Keep On Rockin´ Special from and with Otto Fuchs
Was Elvis murdered by the Mob? Was his death faked? Did Elvis commit suicide? Is Elvis Alive?

Was Elvis murdered by the Mafia? Bestselling author John Parker wrote an entire book on the subject. Covering most of the secret files of Edgar J. Hoover and the F.B.I., secret files that possibly can be seen as proof that The King Elvis Presley may have been the victim of a Mafia hitman?

Gail Brewer Giorgio the woman who brought the world the books Orion, Is Elvis Alive?, The Elvis Files and Elvis Undercover followed a similar trace. Though she came to the conclusion that Elvis certainly did not die on August 16th 1977. She was seen on Oprah Winfrey, Larry King, David Letterman, USA Today, NBC, ABC, and in virtually every newspaper of America with her theory that Elvis just had to hoax his death.

Albert Goldman who gave the world the thesis, that Elvis relied on prescribed medication – and died for the abuse of it, later wrote a follow up to his Elvis biography. Covering the final 24 hours in the life of The King, concluding Elvis Presley committed suicde.

But how did Elvis´ handwriting appeared on Elvis´ death certificate? Why has no one ever made a claim on his multimillion-dollar life insurance? How could Elvis have been photographed at his pool house in Memphis, after August 16th 1977, as well as with Muhammed Ali and Jesse Jackson in 1984?

Otto Fuchs who wrote a two-volume biography on Bill Haley – The Father of Rock & Roll, currently works on a book about Elvis Presley.

This is a step out from writing, giving some theories life on the air, on Radio Orange´s Keep On Rockin´ Show.


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