The Elvis Presley Conspiracy “A Rockabilly Radio Rules – Remember Elvis & Keep On Rockin´ Special” Vol.2 on Radio Orange 94,0 FM Vienna


On August 16th 1977 the world learned that „The King“ Elvis Presley had died. „Learned“ might be even the wrong word, since there have been at least three books in the bestseller lists after the passing of the 42 year old Memphian, the world dubbed „The King of Rock & Roll“ informing interested readers, that Elvis had faked his own death – in order to escape serious life threats, and went into witness exchange programme. A thesis, why this occured is possibly that with Elvis, the youth of the mid-50s to the early 60s, saw the epidome of what they stood for, die. America lost it´s King, and no wonder – Elvis Presley´s southern mansion „Graceland“ in Memphis / Tennessee is still the best visited address, after the „White House“. Elvis lived for 42 years, his career still goes on posthoumously for 40 years. He is still the best selling single artist of all times. On July 6th 1954, the birth of Rockabilly occured with Elvis, Scotty & Bill at Sam Phillip´s SUN Records.


Keep on Rockin‘

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