Voice of Peace#78


This show is included different segments. firstly starts reading ,,Dibatsche“from Sa’adi Iranian ancient poet in Farsi and introduction of ,,Nowruz“ in German by Mamal Kianipour. Nassir Al Bruni talks about ,,Mousel“ and what happened with this historical and second biggest city in Iraq in Arabic in addition translation in German By Ibrahim. Emad Huso gives a report from UNHCR authority about situation in Syria. Hashem Al Ghatranji talks about 2 laws in Austria in Arabic and German. Hameed Abu Ragheef discusses with Ibrahim about struggling of learning German for refugees. #

Moderator: Emad Huso

Technique: Hussein Al Tamimi


Voice of Peace

Zur Sendereihe Station


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Thema:Gesellschaftspolitik Radiomacher_in:Emad Husso, Hameed Abu-Ragheef, Hussein Al Tamimi, Mamal Kianipour, Nassir Al Bruni
Sprache: Arabisch