About Couchsurfing and friends – on the road & at home


„Every friend I have now was once a stranger to me“, a couchsurfing host from India says in the documentary movie „Couch Connections“ by Austrian filmmaker Christoph Pehofer. Today’s Sweet Travels will be about friends, friendship and traveling. About staying in touch with friends and family while traveling, and about visits from home. Sweet Travels presents alternative options for staying overnight, by using internet platforms such as couchsurfing.

Couchsurfing is about accepting and giving hospitality, about meeting individual people, about breaking up clichés and stereotypes. We’d like to share our experiences using Couchsurfing. We talked to frequent couchsurfers like Nata (Odessa, Ukraine) and Natalia (Tiraspol, Transnistria).

Sweet Travels enriched with music and stories from Ukraine, Transnistria, and Moldova:
Thomas Böck & Kim Tamara Žebić – Memories (from the documentary movie „Couch Connections“)
Тарас Чубай (Taras Chubaj) – Водограй
Тартак (Tartak) – Стільникове Кохання
Океан Ельзи (Okean Elsi) – Друг
Sunstroke Project –Pepperoni
Venga Boys – We’re Going To Ibiza


Sweet Travels

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