AudioBunkA #82


The 82. edition of the Vorarlberger Hip Hop Radioshow was chilled and filled up with the newest Hip Hop Releases!

Follow The ONEandONLY monthly HIPHOP Live-Radioshow/Podcast in Vorarlberg / Austria / DORNBIRN City on „Proton das freie Radio“ – every 4th Thursday tuneIN 8 – 10 pm (CET) – hosted by DJ socke23

AudioBunkA SoundSystem #82 – 27.10.2022 Feel Free to ‚Like & Share‘ the #freeHipHopMovement in your Social-Media World! FB @audiobunka IG @audiobunka


AudiobunkA Soundsystem

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Proton – das freie Radio

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Thema:Musik allgemein Radiomacher_in:DJ socke23
Sprache: Deutsch

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