AudioBunkA #84 Best of 2022


In the last show of the year it’s time to look back and select the best Hip Hop Tracks of the year 2022! Hip Hop as it’s best straight outta Vorarlberg!

Follow The ONEandONLY monthly HIPHOP Live-Radioshow/Podcast in Vorarlberg / Austria / DORNBIRN City on „Proton das freie Radio“ – every 4th Thursday tuneIN 8 – 10 pm (CET) – hosted by DJ socke23

AudioBunkA SoundSystem #84 – 22.12.2022 Feel Free to ‚Like & Share‘ the #freeHipHopMovement in your Social-Media World! FB @audiobunka IG @audiobunka


AudiobunkA Soundsystem

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Proton – das freie Radio

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Thema:Musik allgemein Radiomacher_in:DJ socke23
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