Australia Day: The legal situation of indigenous people in Australia


On Australia Day (26th January) – Sweet Travels asks: How is the legal situation of the indigenous people in Australia?

In this edition of Sweet Travels, we move from Vanuatu further west, to Australia – the so-called Red Continent. To be more precise, to Western Australia. What we realized when travelling in West Australia was that it was quite hard to get information about indigenous people, and their life and history.

For taking a closer look into Australian society, Simone and Mischa talked to Robyn Churnside (activist, Ngaarda Media, Roebourne), Camilia Samson (ArtGroup Roebourne), Judith Anya Samson (Martumili Art Gallery, Newman), and we had an „Aboriginal Cultural Experience“ with Derek Nannup in the Yanchep Nationalpark.

We talked about the legal situation of the indigenous people in Australia, about Aboriginal history, cultures, politics, and the current situation. And we talked about, how the „Australia Day“ should be celebrated, and what should be remembered on that day.

Mandawuy Yunupingu – Botj’s spirits in water
Mandawuy Yunupingu – Botj on the gangway
Fitzroy Express – Long lonely highway
Coloured Stone – Black Boy
Gudju Gudju – Black Yellow Red
Mandawuy Yunupingu – Walking
Mandawuy Yunupingu – Turtle Hunt

Thanx to Ngaarda Media Roebourne for providing Robyn’s talk on Australia Day (; and thanx to Blaze Kwaymullina and his introduction to „Speaking from the Heart“ for the historical background.


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