Quality of Life in the Alps – from a youth perspective | Round table discussion


What do young people need for a good life in the Alps? A round table discussion about „Quality of Life in the Alps – from a youth perspective“.

With (left to right):
Sofia Farina (Moderation, CYC Member of CIPRA Youth Council)
Tom Van de Plassche (Athlete Alliance of Protect our Winters Italy)
Joanna Kornacki (Austrian Alpine Club)
Axel Giottonini (Youth Forum of the Swiss Working Group for Mountain Areas)

The discussion was organized by the CIPRA Youth Council – a group of young people from all over the Alps. With this discussion, followed by a podcast workshop the Youth Council celebrated its 10th anniversary this year.

Further information: www.cipra.org/de/medienmitteilun…cipra-jugendbeirat (de) and www.cipra.org/en/cipra/cipra-youth-council (de, fr, it, sl, en)

Survey on quality of life in the Alps – take part here in your language:
1ka.arnes.si/eng (en)
1ka.arnes.si/deu (de)
1ka.arnes.si/slo (sl)
1ka.arnes.si/ita (it)
1ka.arnes.si/fra (fr)


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