What does wine from India taste like?


Wine Tasting in India is not necessarily what you’d expect to hear about India. We tasted wine in the Nashik area of Maharashtra, and talked to some of the producers in the region: Grover Zampa, Vallone, Soma, and York Wineries.

We talked about the passion of making wine, and about the challenges such as the Indian climate. What about harvesting seasons, viticulture methods, grape varieties? We also found out some details about the history of wine production in India. And we got an idea about the social and religious context of wine in India. We did not only talk about the production side. We also talked about the consumer’s side. What are the differences of taste preferences between Indian and Western people?

Edmofo (feat. Nina Burmi) – Kāmadeva
Shankar Ehsaan Loy – India Poised
Swarathma feat. Shubha Mudgal – Pyaasi
Thaikkudam Bridge – Navarasam


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